What Semi-Permanent make-up can offer you

The Definition of Semi-Permanent make-up.

Semi-Permanent Makeup (SPM) with its advanced new techniques, this will appeal to any woman who requires greater definition to their Eyebrows, Eyes and Lips.

Semi-Permanent Make-up also known as Micro-pigmentation is a form of cosmetic tattooing, using pigments and not inks for a bespoke, realistic and yet natural tones. The pigments are made of inorganic minerals, hypo-allergenic and there are no fragrances.

Your preferred chosen colour is meticulously implanted into the dermal layer of the skin, where it remains from 2 - 5 years. The procedure is considered both permanent and semi permanent. Permanent - because the pigment components will always remain within the skin, although not always visible to the eye. Semi-Permanent - as the initial colour will fade over time which is why periodical visits are recommended to keep your new look fresh, lifted, defined and maintained. 

Semi-Permanent make-up is an established beauty procedure, it's Artistic, it's Creative and it's Perfect for any client looking to improve imperfections or simply requires natural eye catching definition.


All enhancements and advance procedures will require a minimum of two visits.

Initial treatment starts at - £355 to £395 - Top-up treatment after 4-8 weeks starts from - £200 to £250 .

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Enhancement list of treatments:

  • Powdered Eyebrows
  • Hair stroke Eyebrows
  • Combination of stroke/powdered Eyebrows
  • Latino Eyeliner (top only)
  • Latino Eyeliner top and natural bottom eyeliner
  • Natural Eyeliner/Lash-liner
  • Lip-liner 
  • Lip-blush 
  • Full Lip colour and contour 
  • Beauty Spot 
  • Medical treatements for face, scalp, body where colour is missing (contact us for more info)

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The second appointment must be taken between 4 - 8 weeks (12 weeks maximum). This is due to the coloured pigments natural exfoliation, which is why a second treatment will be needed.

On average 2 procedures is usually sufficient. Semi-Permanent Make-up is an Art form and not an exact science, therefore additional enhancements may be applicable before the elected area is deemed complete.


If required depending on your skin's natural exfoliation, within 6 months (not later) of having your top-up treatment at our clinic, the fee would be from £175 to £200. Booster treatemnts may be requested in between sessions and priced individually, inquire for more details. 

Annual retouch treatments for our regular returning clients, within the time frame of 12 - 18 months, starts from £295 to £395.

A Retouch treatment within 6 months may be applicable due to a customer wanting the elected area to be more pronounced or the skin requiring a booster treatment for the pigment to absorb deeper.


Every body loves a discount, therefore book 2 or more treatments together, ask us to receive 15% Off on the same day of your appointment. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or discounts - terms and conditions apply. Please note; this offer applies to the initial elected treatment areas returning for a topup 4-8 weeks later only.

Eyebrows before an after example Close up of Eyebrows after treatment lips before an after example Close up of Eyeliner after treatment