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♥️ Valentine’s Day Discount: 20% off! The promotion ends on February 29th.🌹 Wishing everyone a beautiful day! Promotion for all of our Micropigmentation/PMU treatments for brows, eyeliner, lip-blush, and lip-neutralization treatments. Visit: @hazeldiamond_cosmetic_medical_ Simply email us to lock in the 20% discount. Alternatively, you may reserve the bargain with a £55 deposit until April 30th, 2024. Email: Please note: the promotion only applies to full first treatments, not 6-12 week topup sessions. Terms and Conditions apply, inquire to discover more…🌹. Website in bio or above post (thank you) . . . . #valentinesday24 #valentinesday24❣️ #valentinesdayspreadthelove #lovetoyoufromme #hazeldiamondgallery
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🛑❓ Is Semi-Permanent/PMU makeup really permanent? 🔆 In short, yes and no. Micropigmentation, also commonly known as semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) and permanent makeup (PMU), is an art form of cosmetic tattooing. 🔆 It’s designed to look and heal like makeup and lasts between 2 - 5 years. However, the initial elected colour will fade over time and indefinite particles of the pigment will always remain in the skin’s epidermis. It is not the same art as body tattooing with proper body tattoo ink, which is truly permanent. 🔆 PMU/SPMU requires a minimum of 2 sessions but maintenance is also necessary because the pigment colour does fade out over time, just not completely! 🔆 For your safety, we only use REACH-compliant pigments designed for this particular treatment, along with high quality cartridges and materials. 🔆 This type of treatment is worth the investment if your suffering from uneven looking eyebrows, eyes or lips or perhaps you have scar tissue on the body that needs covering up, or your unhappy with having your eyeliner and lipstick smudging during the day? Perhaps you wish to enhance your features naturally 24/7 and wake-up naturally done! ✨ 🔆 It’s all about low maintenance, making your early mornings, beach holidays, and how you show up every day a breeze with a creative solution! 💎 We currently have a 15% discount code on our new website homepage banner! You can use it against all our (SPMU) (PMU) treatments! Be quick while this offer is on until end of February, you have to quote the code to benefit! For more information: 🌐 📧 📱 WhatsApp Drop us an hello below as we love connecting with everyone! 👇🏼 💚 Shine Bright ✨ Team HD Disclaimer: All photos on our social media page are copyright protected, it’s forbidden to use any of HazelDiamond Ltd content without our consent. Business Terms apply on our website. Thank you. . . . . #shinebright2024 #hazeldiamondgallery #beautydiscountcenter #whatispmu #mybrowsneeddoing #eyebrowbrowsonfleek #pmuartistmanchester
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Thank you, everyone for all your kind words, likes, comments and follows, appreciate you all!! It’s actually snowing here in Greater Manchester! And guess what? It’s also snowing on the New Business Website too. Check out the Link in the above post! ❄️❄️❄️ The New Website has a wealth of information to help you understand clearly what is Micropigmentation, also known as PMU (permanent make up) or Semi-permanent makeup 💄 the difference between Microblading and Machine/Nano Brows? 🤔 Don’t miss our 15% discount code on the homepage banner! Simply quote it when you email us to benefit. Have a browse, and please don’t be shy to get in touch if you have any questions. Looking forward to connecting with more of you - Sparkle bright! ✨ . . . . #supportingotherwomeninbusiness #gratitudebeautyclinic #thankfulforyouall❤️ #thankfultodayandeveryday❤️ #newwebsitelaunching #launchedwebsite #launchedwebsite2024
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🌅 Results are in of Hazel Diamond’s signature, healed Combo Brow (8 weeks later) Visit previous two posts on this page of the before and straight after photos/video reels, along with more info of What the benefits are for You? ➡️ 👀 As you can see the pigment has faded, it’s softer in tone and appearance. The hairstokes have been inter-woven through the shape, with Hazel’s overlap technique! Client no longer has to worry about drawing her brows in every morning or how she’ll look on the beach or at work first thing or on those dreaded school runs early mornings!! Perfect shape tailored to suit your features and skin tone. 👌🏼👌🏾 Have a wonderful day & Shine Bright! 💎
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Behold these COMBO BROWS... read below for full details and why this would benefit you… 💫 💎 What are combo brows? It’s a machine method of cosmetic micropigmentation, aka PMU/SPMU. Combo brows give a mixture of powder/ombre and nano/hair strokes. Which I intricately weave throughout your brow shape so that the healed results look natural. 💎 Who suits this style? All clients and all skin tones wanting to achieve a texturized PMU technique with colour definition to their existing hairs, with fluffy strokes at the start of brows and the option to have it throughout the eyebrows, with Hazel Diamond’s signature weaving technique! 💎 How long does this treatment take? 2.5 hours with anesthic time. 💎 What’s the healing like? 5-10 days! The colour will be a few shades more intense and during the first week, and some skin types may have light flakes of pigment colour which lifts off the brow whilst the skin is undergoing healing. Avoid direct sun, facials, swimming, and strong skincare products for at least 2 weeks. More aftercare tips to follow on day of appointment. 💎 What’s the time frame with Top Ups? If it’s your first session, we usually recommend to return within 6-8 weeks. Annual customers likely between 12-18 months. 💎 Every skin type will differ, implantation technique, environment factors, aftercare, and the brand of pigment used, but we recommend a Top Up when the brow is at a lighter more faded appearance. Usually 12-18 months but some clients won’t come back for approximately 2 years. 💎 How will the eyebrows heal? Combination Brows usually heal to a really lovely, natural look, giving a texturised finished, hence why it’s a popular choice for majority of our customers, as you get a mixture of hairstokes and shading. 💎 We tailor each and every client’s eyebrows, creating the shape and colour to suit You and, most importantly, your skin tone. It’s so important that you go to a qualified artist, as it’s your face at the end of the day! Visit next post of the healed results after 8 weeks! 👀 Feel free to drop us a hello bellow 💋 💚 #comboeyebrowseyeliner #combobrowuk #pmucombobrows #pmubrowsuk #semipermbrows #browsbrowsbeauty
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❤️ Combination eyebrows with intricately woven hairstrokes weaved throughout my client’s tailored eyebrows. . . Check out next post with more info on Combo Brows! ➡️ @hazeldiamond_cosmetic_medical_ If you’re tired of drawing on your brows every morning and fed up with uneven eyebrows… Book a free consultation via the website, link in the bio, or DM 👇🏼 You can read more on what semi-permanent makeup (PMU) is on the website, as well as on our FAQ page. 💚 ✨ . . . . . . #eyebrowplanting #eyebrowplantingworkshop #eyebrowplantingvideo #blackbeautyuk #blackandbeautifuleverything #blackandbeautifuleyes #beautyqueenuk #beautyblackqueen #beautyblackqueens
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Refreshed, recharged, and refocused! I hope you've all had a fantastic start to the new year! It was wonderful to actually rest and spend time with my family! 🙌🏼 Declaring: 2024 is going to be a year of new opportunities & open doors for all of us! ⭐️ 🚪 🔑 💎The month ahead is jam-packed! February appointments are filling up fast! if your due for your annual topup, please email, or for new inquiries you may fill out the contact form on the new website, visit: 💎Our brand new, rebranded website with a very cool snow affect launched just before Christmas! So if you’ve not already checked it out, please have a look and share with friends; your feedback and support is most welcome! Thank you! Whats New? 👇🏼 💎For the purpose of obtaining healed results to showcase, we are offering once every two months, exclusive opportunities for X5 fresh new model candidates to have professionally applied PMU for eyebrows, lip-blush, and eyeliner. Terms do apply, and if interested, kindly visit the website to inquire via the contact form or DM or respond to our stories and we’ll reply asap! 👍🏼 Thank you for trusting and supporting the business. As the director of Hazel Diamond, I genuinely love helping people of all nationalities with my 16-year artistry experience. My company’s mission is to exceed your expectations and help meet your goals by enhancing your natural beauty with a creative solution! Let’s Sparkle Bright in 2024! ✨✨ Your love and comments are most welcome below… 👇🏼 💋 💋 Director Hazel Diamond +44 (0)753 53 53 369 . . . . . #model2024 #2024 #newyear2024✨ #newyear2024goals #newyearmanchester #newyearlondon2024 #newyearwebsitelaunch #newyearwebsite #hazeldiamondgallery