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By Hazel Diamond

Written Testimonies

I am really happy with my eyebrows. Through the consultation, Hazel asked about my preferences and she got the shape and shading exactly what I wanted. I felt relaxed during the whole procedure and I would definitely recommend. She was also very responsive to the initial communication and follow up messages in a highly professional manner.

Beata Fejesova

Hazel displayed such professionalism and precision when performing my eyebrow procedure. She listened attentively to what I wanted to achieve and was meticulous in her technique. My over-plucked 90s eyebrows have been fully restored, thanks to Hazel. I highly recommend this talented lady for your semi-permanent makeup needs.

Catherine Matson

Having tried semi-permanent make up elsewhere before I was very happy with the immediate results but disappointed with how long it lasted. I decided to give it another try and this time chose Hazel after reading the reviews on line. I am so happy that I did, my experience was completely different. Hazel was extremely friendly and spent a lot of time discussing the treatment with me. She not only did a fantastic job but listened intently to the result I wanted to achieve and made sure I was 100% happy when I left. This time with Hazel the results have been fantastic, I hardly ever wear makeup now on a day to day basis and feel extremely confident. What I like the most is that whilst I feel more glamorous, Hazel has still managed to achieve a natural look.

Natalie Basiratpour

About a year ago, I decided to get my eyebrows done after spending a long time thinking about it and doing much research so it wasn't anything spontaneous. Looking around I come across Hazel and the work that she does. Being impressed with the work she had done previously I knew that this would be the right path for me to follow to get the procedure I'd be thinking about for so long done. When I contacted Hazel, she was very prompt and responsive with the contact she held with me being very informative and making sure to accommodate my wants with her expertise. After the procedure, I was ecstatic, the job that Hazel done I would not go to or recommend else not to mention all the compliments I have received to this day. Don't waste your precious time and money, nobody can beat the quality of service and customer satisfaction that Hazel has to provide.

Tsering lhamo

I came to Hazel for correction of my semi permanent eyebrows that were done poorly elsewhere a year previous to my visit. My eyebrows were uneven and had an awful orange/pink colour to them. I have very little natural eyebrow hair and this is why I initially decided on having semi permanent makeup. Hazel completely transformed my eyebrows. She managed to correct not only the shape but the colour pigment too. (Believe me this was not an easy job!) The procedure is slightly painful however Hazel is very calming and applies numbing cream throughout to make it more comfortable. She draws the shape on before proceeding and explains every step of the process. I would without doubt recommend Hazel to anyone interested in this procedure and after my initial bad experience would recommend paying slightly more for someone extremely experienced like Hazel to ensure an amazing end result. Thank you Hazel for transforming my eyebrows !

Hayley Lambeth

I first went to Hazel Diamond for semi-permanent eyebrow treatment, as my own were becoming more sparse and I was unhappy with the way they looked. This was a year ago and I have been delighted with the results - my eyebrows look very natural and I will definitely return for top-up treatment in the future. I was very impressed by Hazel's attention to detail and the fact that she checked that I was happy at every stage of my treatment before proceeding. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone thinking about semi-permanent makeup.

Susan Campbell

I had my brows done by Hazel and I have been very happy with the results. I decided to get semi-permanent make-up in order to save time in the mornings and to look more polished even without make-up as my natural brows are light and not thick. I did some research and Hazel came up as one of the top professionals in her field, so I felt confident about going with her. During the appointment, she was very thorough and really took her time, making sure the results, in terms of shape, style and shade were exactly what I wanted. The result was perfect and natural looking. The healing process took just under a week, and during this time the brows look a lot darker, then they scab over and once they heal and the scabs drop off, the results are visible underneath. Hazel made me fully aware of this process before the appointment as well as providing detailed aftercare information. I can recommend Hazel unreservedly as being a skilled and trustworthy profession to go to for semi-permanent make-up.

Mary Burns

I had been considering Semi permanent brows for a number of years, but I didn't really feel that I could trust anyone near my face, with the fear that it not being up to my standards. Until I noticed how natural and beautiful a clients Brows were, she recommended Hazel Diamond, and mentioned that she had worked in Harrods for a number of years, this gave me confidence, because I know how strict Harrods work ethics are. I booked my first appointment with Hazel, and haven't looked back, as soon has I meet her, I trusted her completely, she made me feel at ease, and listened to what I wanted, she is extremely professional she takes extra time to mix the colours to match your skin tone, and blended my Brows precisely, giving them a natural shape with thicken definition. I now feel 100% confident to go to the gym in the morning without applying makeup, giving me extra time to workout, it gives me a semi groomed look. I highly recommend Hazel Diamond, she has many years of experience, and her customer aftercare is outstanding. Andrea Thompson

Andrea Thompson

It requires a lot of trust to have someone perform this procedure on your eyebrows - they are the frame of your face. I went with Hazel due to the reviews I read. Reviewing her previous work, I felt very comfortable. I am an over 55 woman and the work she has done to my eyebrows has changed my life. It has given me a 'lift' and a whole new look!

Suzanne Vela

Having inherited quite unfortunate eyebrows from my dad (and his dad), "drawing on" eyebrows every day, and sometimes even multiple times per day, became standard procedure for me. However, on warm days or after going for a swim, the visible presence of eyebrows was not always guaranteed and I became tired of carrying a mirror and pencil with me every day. So I considered to get SP makeup. After some consideration, I REALLY wanted to GET SP eyebrows. But it took a lot of research to find a person I would trust to leave their mark in my face. After reading reviews about Hazel, however, I was convinced I would be in good hands - and she proved me right. I was a nervous wreck before the first appointment, but she patiently answered all my questions, took a lot of time to work out the shape and colour of the eyebrows and asked me for feedback at every step of the process. The result was fantastic - just as I always wanted my eyebrows to look like. People I talked to never assumed anything about them would be "fake" - they look completely natural. I had a top up 6 weeks later, and now, a bit more than one year later, will be back for another top up, even though I am quite the crybaby when it comes to the tattooing process itself. The few minutes of pain are definitely worth it.


I first had my brows done because I thought a semi-permanent treatment would work better than my current routine (and last longer). I ended up signing up for so much more! Hazel is brilliant at it, thorough and patient. I went in afraid of the procedure and she was open to analyzing first what works best. She just took me through the steps and outlined what it would look like after. She also didn't put too much pressure on my first visit... and I ended up really happy with the result! While it takes more numbing cream for me in particular, the result is amazing and I don't get any swelling and barely any redness around the edges. I just use some foundation to cover up the redness and I'm good to go! The further care instructions I was given I kept and it lasted as promised, with no complications. One thing that traditional methods don't give you, besides the lasting effect, is the filling in. I end up wanting my brows to be more voluminous in a sense and that is possible without it looking artificial! :) I also love that you can see the passion for what Hazel does. For her, it's an art. And it really shows. She even evens out the eyebrows if your face muscles are contracted slightly different on each side of your face, which looks absolutely stunning as a result. All I do after I get the procedure done is really just allow my eyebrows to shine, no need for colouring, just tweezing here and there with time (with the outline done, it's pretty easy). So... why would I choose Hazel over anyone else? Because she's a great person to be around. She has an artistic eye and skill to back it up. She loves what she does and it's such a wonderful journey to go together, to discover the beauty in you regardless of your reason to get your eyebrows done. The clients I meet in the waiting room are typically just as happy as me, I've found.

Loana Andone

My first experience with Hazel Diamond it has been in the last year where I have had done my eyebrows semi-permanent makeup.Hazel Damond made me look fabulous! Before the session, I was feeling a bit nervous, but her approach to the client is of the highest standard and gave me the comfort.This year I will be back to Hazel Diamond. I cannot recommend her enough.

Angelika Bartula

For years I had not been happy with my eyebrows so decided to try semi permanent makeup. I researched various websites offering this service but it was Hazel Diamond's webpage that impressed me. It conveyed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of micro pigmentation. When booking an appointment and during the appointment itself, I was very quickly made to feel at ease. Hazel was very thorough and meticulous in her work. She fully explained the processes throughout the procedure and also gave concise information about the aftercare. I am delighted with my new eyebrows. They define my facial features and make me feel more confident in my appearance. For the reasons above, I would strongly recommend Hazel Diamond to anyone thinking about having semi permanent makeup. I am definitely returning for future top ups.

Janet Panayiotou

I was wanting semi permanent make up on my eyebrows to make my early mornings much easier ! With a 6am start I would often find myself with uneven drawn on brows. I was so nervous after reading many horror stories and let's be honest, who is ever prepared for a disaster on their face? Hazel made me feel so relaxed. She explained the procedure in so much detail as well as showed me pictures of previous results all of which eased me into the brilliant result I walked away with! Hazels work has save be countless hours in the morning, so much money on eyebrow pencils from which I have gained countless compliments on my eyebrows. Hazel honestly has made a great impact to my life and would recommend her services to anyone, from those who have had a previous poor experience, a newbie to semi permeant makeup or anyone who enjoys a great service.

Linley Hughes

I had semi permanent makeup done on my eyebrows and eyelids for practical reasons. It cuts time spent on getting ready in the morning in half. There is the added comfort of knowing my eyebrows wouldn't have smudged or my eyeliner run in the middle of the day. I am very happy I went to Hazel Diamond for the procedure because she created a calm atmosphere and she was very confident. I am very happy with her work and would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to have the procedure done. It is well worth it.


Hazel Diamond offers an excellent, professional and friendly service. She goes through the process step by step answering any questions and offering any reassurance you need. She is an expert in her field and gives you the best suggestions for your desired looked. Hazel did my eyebrows for me ahead of my wedding. I wanted a natural look that didn't give the appearance of a tattoo and that is exactly what I got. I've received so many compliments from friends, colleagues and strangers. I can't recommend Hazel enough. I always look forward to seeing her and I know I'm in safe and competent hands

Hana Wild

It has been two years since I visited Hazel's studio for the first time. I was very nervous and worried, because it was the first time I had the semi-permanent make up done on my eyebrows. As soon as I met Hazel and saw some of her works, I felt I am in good hands. I am very happy with the result and feel lot more confident. Hazel is very experienced and she new exactly what I needed. The studio is clean and comfy and Hazel has all the equipment required to do her job to the highest level of standard. I will definitely go back and also recommend her work to my friends.

Silvia Blazekova

Although I'd wanted my eyebrows done for a very long time, I wanted to wait until I found the perfect person to go to and for a reasonable price. So after all my research I chose Hazel and I am over the moon about the results. So much so that I paid for my 77 year old mother to have her eyebrows done too and she also couldn't be happier. Hazel takes her time with you and made me feel comfortable and never once rushed me, which is by no means a mean feet when it comes to me. I warn you, it's addictive though - I've had my eyeliner done now too.

Alexa Manzi

Growing up I plucked my eyebrows to the point that as an adult I have had to draw them on every time I left the house. After extensive research and an amazing word of mouth review I decided to give Hazel Diamond a go. Before the appointment I was extremely nervous as I hadn't done anything similar before. There was no need! Hazel was amazing and made me feel extremely comfortable and explained the procedure and the aftercare so that I totally understood. She has also kept in contact after the appointments to check up which I never expected - which is wonderful for future questions I have had. My eyebrows are not only amazing but Hazel took the time so that the colour and shape are individualized to fit me perfectly. I absolutely love them and will continue going back for top-ups!

Jessica Mills

I over plucked my eyebrows as a teenager & as the years went by , they never really grew back. As I got older, the said eyebrow hairs got fewer & fewer, leaving me with just a very fine line of untidy stray hairs. I spent quite a while looking at websites for semi permanent makeup. Not an easy task to find someone to trust to do the work. I found Hazel at Harrods. She was a delight from our first meeting & has now become a permanent fixture in my life -- be it only once a year for my 'top up' I absolutely love my new brows & just wish I'd had it done years ago. I worked very antisocial hours when I worked for British Airways some years ago & spent way too long trying to draw on eyebrows at ridiculous times of the morning !! I would certainly recommend Hazel to anyone who is at that 'looking at websites' stage. Look no more !!!!! She is professional, confident, very hygienic, clean, tidy, friendly & quite obviously knows & enjoys her work. Hazel will be 'topping me up' for a while yet

P Morris

I visited Hazel in July, l've been having my eyebrow top up by hazel diamond for some years now, I find the whole experience very professional & always very pleased with the results. Will definitely go back next year for my next top up. Jayne P

Jayne P

I am a 23 year old girl who has plucked her eyebrows silly since she can remember. I got fed up drawing them on every single day and missed having the no make up days- it was then I decided to look into semi permanent makeup. After extensive research and reading several reviews and tips I stumbled across Hazel Diamond and took the plunge. She was everything the reviews said and more! Made me feel so relaxed, I throughly understood the procedure and aftercare and the results are unbelievable! I've received so many compliments on them! Most people cannot even tell I've had them done as they are that authentic and natural looking. It's completely changed my life from my morning routine to even being able to wear no make up and my self confidence has been restored (Thank you Hazel, you the best!) In one sentence she is simply the most professional, friendly and outstanding technician you can ever place your semi Permanent make up faith in and she will not let you down!

Sam Carpanini

I went to Hazel diamond to have my eyebrows semi permanently tattooed on for cosmetic reasons. I had previously had the treatment done before at The Urban Retreat at Harrods, where I used to work and where I first met Hazel. Unfortunately during my time there Hazel was unable to do my eyebrows due to her being in hi-demand, so ended up having them done with another technician. Once I left Harrods and when my brows started to fade I knew I was due for a top up. Having my eyebrows done was one of the best things I ever did as I couldn't walk around with red eyebrows anymore so it was time for a TOPUP. Still being in contact with Hazel after we left Harrods a few years later, I booked in with her at her new practice. I thought having my eyebrows done the first time was the best thing I ever done, now this time round I couldn't believe how improved they are! When I went to have my treatment done with Hazel we talked about what I wanted to change and the way she was going to correct the redness. When I originally had them done, big eyebrows where in fashion and I had the middle squared off. I asked for them to be changed in to an up to date version of (naturally enhanced) big brows; the rounder softer look, very similar to my picture inspiration Lilly Collins. I had a whole re vamp thick enough brows (not too thick) and a colour correction. I knew Hazel from before and knew her standards of practice was very high, I had also seen her work before and knew it was the best. When having a treatment done like this it's so important to go with someone who has been highly trained and works to impeccable standers so it was a no brainer going with Hazel. Semi-Permanent makeup not only has changed my life Hazel has change my life, like I said she has changed my brows back to a normal colour and has given me a total up to date look!! When I don't have make up on (which is quite often in the summer) I never feel under done and no one ever believes me that I've had my ''eyebrows semi-enhanced, that look so natural''. When I do wear make up my routine is so much quicker, with my new look I hardly ever need them threaded and don't need brow pencil anymore, so I've ended up saving money. There is not a ranking system that could score Hazel Diamond high enough. If you're thinking of having them done you would be silly to go

Frances Dolcy

I found Hazel online and at the time I was a little skeptical... On the day of my appointment I was so incredibly nervous I had to take a friend with me. I definitely didn't need to be nervous. She was so lovely and calm and answered all the nervous/scared questions that I had, she took her time to find the right shape for my face and made sure I was completely happy with the colour and shape before she started. Having semi permanent eyebrows has completely changed my life. I'm so glad I took the plunge, I can now go out the house with no make up on and my confidence has gone through the roof!! I have had nothing but compliments from all my friends and I've recommended Hazel to more than a few friends!

Donna Holmes

I was thinking for some time to have semi permanent makeup on my eyebrows which were too light in color and with so less hair than in past, almost nothing left actually. I searched online and I am so glad I found Hazel because she really helped me to find the best shape and shade for my face and she's been very helpful, kind and caring during the treatment and even after. I used to spend long time in the morning struggling to get decent eyebrows with makeup and then during the day always worrying that it might partially fade away but now all the hassle is just a memory cause I don't have to worry about anything and my new eyebrows look so natural and really improved my features. I cannot thank Hazel enough... the best money spent ever.... highly recommended!

Laura Faraldi

I'm extremely happy with the results of my eyebrows done by Hazel Diamond. I'm also glad I took the time to find the perfect artist and that I waited until I was completely comfortable with all aspects of the procedure. I was provided with a 5 star professional service which made me feel comfortable to do other semi permanent makeup procedures (eyeliner also). They look incredibly natural and honestly no one knows unless I tell them. I highly recommend Hazel Diamond for any semi permenant makeup procedure. The procedure started off with Hazel designing my desired eyebrow shape. She patiently drew my eyebrows with a makeup pencil and did not stop correcting them until I was completely satisfied. Yearly touch up is recommended if you want to maintain your tattoo in its best condition. Everyone i know who has done makeup procedures by Hazel are all extremely happy with the results. Im glad to have finally found very talented and reliable semipermanent makeup artist.

Christina Jaafar

Finding the right semi-permanent technician for me was not to be taken's nerve racking, well it was for me. Since coming to Hazel I felt instantly comfortable with her. This was due to Hazel's level of professionalism, plus how thorough she was with getting the shape right. This is why I have repeatedly been back to see her for top-ups & further treatments. I love the freedom of feeling "semi" made-up in the morning!

Deborah Clark

I had my eyebrows done as a result of a stressful event in my life where my eyebrows started to fall out. Having semi permanent makeup has made me feel more confident and I am delighted with the result. Hazel is friendly, yet very professional, her clinic is spotless and throughout the procedure and prior to it it she explained everything and made me feel at ease. Hazel was recommended to me by a friend and after meeting her, I felt very confident in her ability. I am delighted with the result and would definitely recommend her.

Sandra Small

I can't reccommend Hazel strongly enough! I had never had semi permanent make up before but went to Hazel as I was fed up of having to pencil my eyebrows in everyday. She spent a good half an hour literally measuring my face with a ruler and hand drawing on tailor made eyebrows that would suit my face shape, checking that I was definitely happy with their thickness (as I wanted fuller brows with an eye catching shape!) before proceeding to the treatment itself. The actual procedure was a little un comfortable but Hazel was really lovely and kept me topped up with numbing cream to keep me comfortable. To begin with brows were a little darker than what the end result would fade to but still not as bold as I had expected or really obvious that I had had them done. The eyebrows then took about 5 days to heal over and scab off and after my second top up 6 weeks later, I am absolutely thrilled with the final result! The shape Hazel has given me has really lifted my face and opened my eyes and best of all no one believes me when I say they're cosmetically tattooed as they look so natural! I have already recommended a friend to Hazel and she too is thrilled with her results!

Emma Fisher

I had my eyebrows and upper and lower eyelids cosmetically enhanced in January this year, with a top-up 6 weeks later. Hazel explained the whole procedure very clearly, patiently answering all my questions and was very thorough in prepping me, carefully measuring my eyebrows and mixing colours so that the finished result looked amazing but very natural. I felt completely at ease. Hazel has an innate eye for colour and shape. I've had my eyebrows and upper and lower eyelids cosmetically enhanced twice before, but Hazel's expertise trumps other technicians. The results look fabulous. I can leave the house without needing any make-up - even mascara - and that's saying something! I would highly recommend Hazel Diamond. I am now going back to have a lip-tint. I'm hooked! Sara-Jane Allen

Sara-jane Allen

I have been visiting Hazel for several years, following our first meeting at Harrods, to have my eyebrows tattooed which I felt was necessary as they were uneven and would not grow after years of plucking them. Initially there was a detailed consultation with Hazel who explained everything that was going to be done and what aftercare was necessary. Following the consultation the procedure was carried out and I was extremely happy with the care and skill shown by Hazel, and the final result was amazing as I had eyebrows again and, not only that, they were level! I was so pleased with my eyebrow treatment that I subsequently had semi permanent eyeliner tattoo and lip liner. Both were carried out with the same care and attention that I received when having my eyebrows tattooed, and when the lip liner was undertaken Hazel corrected a previous tattoo I had done abroad, which had been applied too darkly, by managing to lighten the line, which was amazing, and I am very pleased with the final results. By having these semi permanent procedures it has made a positive difference to my appearance making my eyes and lips look more shapely but in a subtle way that looks so natural. Also, it has made my life easier as my make up procedure is much quicker and easier - a quick brush of mascara, lipstick and I am ready to go! Consequently, I have no hesitation in recommending Hazel Diamond to anyone looking to enhance the look of their eyes and lips and enjoy not having to spend time applying lengthy make up processes to get the same effect.

Valerie Reddy

I have been using Hazel Diamond for several years now having been recommended to her by various members of staff at the major London Salon she worked with previously for my eye liner and eyebrows and have made an appointment for my lips at the beginning of February. Her work is outstanding and the results are always superb. I love the effect and hardly ever wear any make-up at all anymore. I have recommended her to family and friends who are also completely delighted with her work. She is a real artist of the highest calibre!

Julia Maxwell

I met Hazel about 3-4 years ago and I've been having my retouch treatments with her for my eyebrows ever since. Hazel has always made me feel comfortable and any concerns and worries that i ever had in the beginning were quickly put to rest. I decided to have semi-permanent eyebrows because I was tired of using eyebrow pencil everyday and therefore i was keen to find a therapist that i could trust to undertake a good job. I have found Hazel to be very pleasant and warm, from the beginning I was able to ask lots of questions and all were answered with thought and patience. I found her to be extremely professional taking time to ensure that the eyebrows were first shaded on with perfection prior to the treatment commencing. My eyebrows look great, i get complimented on them constantly. I no longer have to worry about them disappearing when going swimming or attending a SPA with friends. I love the shape as they have remained natural looking, and unlike others that i have seen these have retained a good colour. I can definitely recommend Hazel for this type of treatment and I'm sure many more such like. I am looking forward to having my brows topped up before the summer, no more eyebrow pencil for me!

Sands Kaur

This is just to say that my eyebrows which Hazel did originally around 5 years ago and re did a couple of months ago, look lovely. I lost my eyebrows during chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer and they never came back once treatment had finished. It makes a huge difference having eyebrows again and unless I tell people that my eyebrows are tattooed, they have no idea. Hazel really takes the time to make sure the measurements and colour is absolutely right no matter how long it takes and they really do look completely natural. It is hard to believe that semi permanent make up does look as natural as it does but this is down to Hazel's skill and care and I really am beyond pleased. As my husband says, I look like an alien without eyebrows and now its something I don't have to think about at all - I get up in the morning and there they are!

Marie Stacey

I had my eyebrows done with Hazel as I wanted a definitive shape without having to keep doing them every day. This is the second time I have had them done with her - the first time being in Harrods and her patience, skill and high standard of hygiene made me feel relaxed and confident in her ability. People comment on them all the time, however they look so natural. I would not hesitate to recommend Hazel and I often do , she is without doubt the most professional aesthetician for semi - permanent make up KA

Karen Agnes

I first had my eyebrow done by Hazel in Harrods after reading a review in the Daily Mail and she has been doing my eyebrow ever since then. I have never been disappointed.

Yuan Cheah

Hazel Diamond was recommended to me by the lady who threads my eyebrows. I had always admired her perfect eyebrows in comparison to mine which are practically threadbare. After years of using eyebrow pencil every morning, having my eyebrows tattooed was a true revelation to my beauty routine. Hazel provided a professional and thorough assessment taking the time to get exactly the shape I had always wanted. I would not hesitate to recommend Hazel to get your own perfect eyebrows!

Aarti Patel