Medical Micropigmentation

Medical micropigmentation is a procedure that implants pigment colour into the skin's dermal layer on the face and body or any place that natural melanin colour is absent which can stem from trauma or injury, birth defects, surgical scars, burn scars or as a non-surgical alternative.

We only use hypoallergenic EU pharmaceutical, medical grade pigments which are implanted into the skin. Adjustments are usually required before it's deemed complete and additional sessions are usually needed in the future for maintenance. Many health conditions can affect our confidence dramatically; alopecia, hairloss due to chemotherapy, mastectomy, scarring and burns, are just a few but thankfully, with expert help, the appearance of these conditions can be improved by a skilled micropigmentation technician.

Hazel Diamond knows that medical micropigmentation can help to restore confidence to anyone going through these conditions. Using a Precision Plus Medical Machine, means that there is more control over the depth of the implantation of pigment into the skin and the ability for more finer, more detailed work. The Precision Plus device is the choice of doctors, surgeons, nurses and advanced professional technicians when handling medical micropigmentation. It's the only device with the class 2a medical certification. For work with scar camouflage and areola micropigmentation, that extra degree of control over the intensity of the implantation can be very important.

The medical micropigmentation treatments, which we offer, include post-mastectomy areola tattoo, scar treatment, skin camouflage, removal and correctional work, scalp tattooing (also called SMP - scalp micropigmentation), vitiligo camouflage, burns and grafts, eyeliner for sparse lashes, lip-colour enhancement and eyebrows.

We are always happy to discuss options for treatment with clients and you can learn more on our FAQ page. Contact us today for a consultation.

Treatment terms and conditions apply to medical and cosmetic treatments.

Medical Micropigmentation


Areola micropigmentation can be carried out for a few different reasons: post mastectomy to give the appearance of a nipple, after partial mastectomy, uplift or reconstruction surgery. With careful treatment and correct colour matching, natural and realistic 3-D results can be achieved. Get in touch with us to discuss just how we can help you.

Medical Micropigmentation

Scars and Burns

Scars and burns require a specialist micropigmentation expert and Hazel Diamond's extensive experience dealing with scars, burn grafts and burn contracture relaxation makes her one of the most sought after in her field. This area of micropigmentation requires a bespoke, gentle approach and results can give a fantastic transformation.

Medical Micropigmentation


For some, vitiligo can be a distressing condition but in certain circumstances we can help to disguise the change in skin colour with a bespoke treatment plan matched as near as possible to your natural skin tone. The same treatment can be adapted to help disguise scar appearance, skin grafts, and re-colouration with natural looking results to the best of our ability.

Medical Micropigmentation

Facial Feature Restoration

Sometimes through over plucking or no fault of our own, patches can appear in eyebrows or lip colour fades as we get older. Hazel Diamond sensitively restores the look of full brows, enhances natural lip colour and helps to disguise cleft lip scars too.

Medical Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation

scalp micropigmentation, (SMP) is used to camouflage hair-loss, and give you back your confidence. This is carefully done to give the scalp the look of a shaved effect, hide any scarring or even create the look of thicker density of hair which is thinning.

Medical Micropigmentation

Removal & Correction

Hazel Diamond Clinics uses a lightening/removal technique which is a natural and safe process. It's a fast-healing treatment and incurs minimal scarring, unlike other methods. The technique is equally effective on all pigment colours and is suitable for majority of skin types.

What Our Clients Think

I am really happy with my eyebrows. Through the consultation, Hazel asked about my preferences and she got the shape and shading exactly what I wanted. I felt relaxed during the whole procedure and I would definitely recommend. She was also very responsive to the initial communication and follow up messages in a highly professional manner.

Beata Fejesova

Hazel displayed such professionalism and precision when performing my eyebrow procedure. She listened attentively to what I wanted to achieve and was meticulous in her technique. My over-plucked 90s eyebrows have been fully restored, thanks to Hazel. I highly recommend this talented lady for your semi-permanent makeup needs.

Catherine Matson

Having tried semi-permanent make up elsewhere before I was very happy with the immediate results but disappointed with how long it lasted. I decided to give it another try and this time chose Hazel after reading the reviews on line. I am so happy that I did, my experience was completely different. Hazel was extremely friendly and spent a lot of time discussing the treatment with me. She not only did a fantastic job but listened intently to the result I wanted to achieve and made sure I was 100% happy when I left. This time with Hazel the results have been fantastic, I hardly ever wear makeup now on a day to day basis and feel extremely confident. What I like the most is that whilst I feel more glamorous, Hazel has still managed to achieve a natural look.

Natalie Basiratpour

About a year ago, I decided to get my eyebrows done after spending a long time thinking about it and doing much research so it wasn't anything spontaneous. Looking around I come across Hazel and the work that she does. Being impressed with the work she had done previously I knew that this would be the right path for me to follow to get the procedure I'd be thinking about for so long done. When I contacted Hazel, she was very prompt and responsive with the contact she held with me being very informative and making sure to accommodate my wants with her expertise. After the procedure, I was ecstatic, the job that Hazel done I would not go to or recommend else not to mention all the compliments I have received to this day. Don't waste your precious time and money, nobody can beat the quality of service and customer satisfaction that Hazel has to provide.

Tsering lhamo

I came to Hazel for correction of my semi permanent eyebrows that were done poorly elsewhere a year previous to my visit. My eyebrows were uneven and had an awful orange/pink colour to them. I have very little natural eyebrow hair and this is why I initially decided on having semi permanent makeup. Hazel completely transformed my eyebrows. She managed to correct not only the shape but the colour pigment too. (Believe me this was not an easy job!) The procedure is slightly painful however Hazel is very calming and applies numbing cream throughout to make it more comfortable. She draws the shape on before proceeding and explains every step of the process. I would without doubt recommend Hazel to anyone interested in this procedure and after my initial bad experience would recommend paying slightly more for someone extremely experienced like Hazel to ensure an amazing end result. Thank you Hazel for transforming my eyebrows !

Hayley Lambeth

The Protocol Steps

1. Consultation

First a comprehensive consultation via telephone or in person. Book in today, as our waiting list can be 4 - 6 weeks! The contact form is here.

2. Allergy Test

Second is a mandatory patch test, skin tone & colour analysis to ensure you're not allergic to the pigment. A deposit is then required to secure your booking.

3. Procedure

Consultation forms will be given for full written consent before any administration starts. The design of your desired shape, colour and your main objectives are agreed with you before we proceed.

4. Aftercare

After your initial treatment, you will be invited back for a recommended retouch session and review your results. All customers are required to follow the strict aftercare given, please read & follow steps here.

Hazel Diamond's - Diamond Couture Face Mapping Packages

Triple Face Mapping Package

Book in for our Diamond Couture, Triple Face Mapping Package and upgrade your Brows, Eyeliner and Lips to receive our exclusive 30% discount on the total package for all first sessions booked together. View our pricelist for more info, T&C apply.

Double Face Mapping Package

Book in for our Diamond Couture Double Face Mapping Package and upgrade your Brows and Eyeliner to receive our exclusive 15% discount on the total package for all first sessions booked together. View our pricelist for more packages, T&C apply.

Aesthetics Team

Should you require further aesthetic treatments, we can recommend doctors and nurses who are medically qualified to the highest standard to help those interested in applying additional touches to complement your semipermanent makeup; contact us to inquire. View our pricelist, T&C apply.

Medical Micropigmentation

Before Your Initial Procedure

Before we can begin your treatment, all new customers are required to have a consultation appointment, either by telephone or in person. We will sometimes ask for photos to be sent to us privately to assess your requested area please see our privacy policy for how we treat your data. For those who we feel would benefit from our treatments, we would follow up with emails, a patch test and the deposit to secure your appointment.

Medical Micropigmentation

After Your Initial Procedure

After your initial treatment at one of our clinics, you will be invited back to have a recommended retouch session and review your results. All clients of Hazel Diamond Ltd will be invited back to the clinic for their 6-12 weeks top up session or to return annually. Our regular clients are given a loyalty discount for annual and additional appointments. To achieve the best results, further follow up sessions may be required before your treatment is deemed complete. Please visit our terms and conditions page for further details.