Micropigmentation Expert Hazel Diamond

Celebrity semi-permanent makeup artist, micropigmentation expert and innovator, Hazel Diamond, has been making a noise in the heart of the beauty and aesthetics business for more than 24 years, she also has some of the most extensive and varied experience in the beauty trade today. Having worked at the world-famous high-class department store; Harrods Knightsbridge, in London, as Head Technician for more than ten years, she specialises in highly skilled cosmetic medical tattooing, also known as micro-pigmentation and semi-permanent makeup.

Advanced Beauty Therapy with NVQ levels 2 and 3, (BIAE), (BABTAC), her knowledge and experience in hygiene, beauty, skincare, and micropigmentation surpasses the average artist. Hazel was also known as Guinot's, facial skin guru at Harrods Beauty

Harrods is known to be the crème de la crème of departmental stores and their values and high standards are impeccable - they have some of the strictest standards in the business. These standards must be met before any staff member is accepted. Hazel has reached those high standards and continues to maintain those standards for her clients at www.HazelDiamond.com delivering a high-end, superior service that focuses on wellbeing and aesthetics, with you, the client, firmly at the centre of your treatment.

Who is Hazel Diamond?

Now based between Manchester, Cheshire and London, Hazel is happily married with three wonderful children aged two, six and nine. Because of her passion and love of helping others, she continues to work incredibly hard to balance her career around her busy family life alongside, which she refers to as her "happy balancing act"! She believes that it's not only rewarding, but also an absolute pleasure, blessing and privilege to work with all her wonderful clients from around the world.

The Gentle Touch - more than just aesthetics
Finding true joy in your career is rare but Hazel Diamond loves everything about her industry and she finds it incredibly rewarding helping her customers to regain their confidence as well as find and maintain their own signature look. She knows it's important to reassure clients that their technician has all the training and expertise needed to deliver A-list, life changing results, no matter who is receiving the treatment.

Hazel travels from Cheshire/Manchester to visit her international clients who fly in to see her at her clinics in London, Surrey and Claygate. To make a booking inquiry, email here info@hazeldiamond.com or WhatsApp

"In order to be one of the best cosmetic-permanent makeup artists, you must first have integrity, dedication, passion, and be open to constant learning, research and development, upping your skill set to all new techniques!"

Hazel Diamond

Superior Semi-Permanent Makeup tailored just for you

Hazel understands the psychological aspect of having semi-permanent make up (SPMU) whether it's for cosmetic or confidence reasons; she's provided support for clients with alopecia, hairloss due to chemotherapy and menopause/hormonal reasons, as well as those of us who just want to define our brows, lashes, or other features. All personalised to give a natural enhancement bespoke to you.

As director and elite head technician of Hazel Diamond Ltd. Hazel has been sought out for her extensive knowledge on cosmetic pigment corrective work and medical tattooing for patients who have undergone mastectomies, areola surgery or who are in post-breast reconstruction. Her skills also include scalp camouflage, face and body camouflage; correction to old scar tissue where skin pigment is missing. These can all be improved with medical reconstruction procedures. Hazel is a recognised world expert in her field covering digital permanent makeup, nano blading, also known as micro-blading, and medical micropigmentation, bespoke brows, eyeliner, lash-liner definition and full lip colour enhancements. You can see a full list of treatments on our services page

Elite Client List Around the World

From being very much in demand from both staff and clientele when she had worked at Harrods Knightsbridge in London, and since embarking upon her own company in 2011, Hazel has gained even more followers, and it shows just how much her skills are valued.

Building up her reputation amongst many different people and beginning her professional career at such a famous clinic, Hazel had regular visitors; Cilla Black was a familiar face in the prestigious store; and after more than 16 years, Hazel was looking after both A-list celebrities, including royalty (Radio 1 stars and newsreaders, amongst others), and the wealthy from around the world! Hazel has welcomed clients from the UK, customers who fly over from Europe, (Los Angeles, California) New York, Dubai, Japan, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands, to name a few. Many travelling just to consult with her expertise in, colour technique and the delivery of her bespoke, cosmetic-medical, semi-permanent makeup skills. Hazel's skills, dedication and holistic approach to PMU has been highlighted in the Harrod's Gazette, Evening Standard, Daily Mail and Glamour Magazine, and she's worked alongside Guinot, Clarins, La Mer, Guerlain, Elemis, La Praire, Urban Retreat, Philip Kingsley and the list goes on.

You're in safe hands - the best SPMU qualifications

Hazel's diploma of excellence in cosmetic and medical tattooing was awarded following training with Finishing Touches in 2007 who are widely regarded as the industry's premier cosmetic and medical trainers around the world. With the highest standards of care, skill and procedure, Finishing Touches graduates are trained using the same state-of-the-art machine as the NHS and private hospitals, called the Precision Plus Medical System, which carries a class 2a certification. This ultimately means that Hazel's skills and qualifications are among the very best and her attention to safety and hygiene is excellent.

As an innovator, Hazel is constantly developing and researching new techniques to ensure that you are given the best possible treatment and choice. Her dedication to her art means that each and every stroke is meticulously implanted to perfection with the greatest of care, and the continuous upgrading of skills with training helps to keep on top of new trends within the industry and offer a wide array of choice to you.

Nutrition & Beauty with Arbonne

Hazel is an advocate of Arbonne's amazing nutrition and skincare range of vegan, B-certified, natural products to help keep people and the planet healthy. Her go-to list includes the vegan natural deodorant, SkinElixir collagen builder, plant derived caffeine and non-caffeine energy fizz sticks, healthy habits sets or the 30 days heathy gut programs. Her children also love Arbonne's Bewell Superfood Greens of 36 fruits and veggie powder in their smoothies too! If you would like to try Arbonne's products, please follow Hazel's link HERE or you are very welcome to contact Hazel or email her clinic directly for more information info@hazeldiamond.com

Charities We Support

Looking after each other and caring is incredibly important in our lives. Hazel Diamond Ltd. is committed to supporting the wonderful charities below. Your appointments enable us to donate and help to alleviate hunger, poverty, human trafficking and protect vulnerable children. Our company ethos is Love, Give and Live. If you want to know more about the other charities we support, please feel free to get in touch and we'd be happy to tell you more.

Together - we can, in love, action and truth!

Hazel offers a free no obligation Christian advice or prayers, which you are welcome to engage or enquire about anytime.