Semi-Permanent Make-up FAQ's

How long does Semi-Permanent Make-up last?

Semi-Permanent Make-up should last up to 5 years. Over that time it is perfectly normal for the quality of colour to break down and fade. Which is why it is suggested that you have a top up procedure within 12 - 18 months to keep the look fresh and complete.

The Facts of why Semi-Permanent fades?

Factors that contribute to colour fading are: Individual skin type, Sun exposure, Age, Health, Medication, and the use of facial products that contain exfoliation properties.

Does Semi-Permanent Make-up hurt?

Before the treatment commences topical primary anesthetic is applied. This is followed by a secondary anesthetic whilst the tattoo is taking place, therefore keeping any discomfort to a minimum. Most of my clients remain perfectly comfortable and awake throughout the treatment, some feel mild discomfort and while others may fall asleep.

Is Semi-Permanent Make-up safe?

Yes, the strictest hygiene and sterilization standards are adhered to. The machine has a 2a medical certification and the treatment environment is set up to an A-septic standard. Only pre - packed brand new sterile cartridges are used for each client. A patch test is offered 24 hours prior to the first procedure. 99.9% of people do not have any reaction at all. You can also decide to waiver the test and have the procedure immediately.

Who can benefit from Semi-Permanent Make-up?

  • Everyone who desires and requires greater definition, to give freedom from the daily application of conventional make-up, resulting in natural enhancement
  • Alopecia patients who have lost all or some of their facial hair, including eyebrows or eyelashes
  • Chemotherapy patients who may loose facial hair would definitely benefit from Semi-Permanent Make-up, before their chemotherapy treatment or after
  • Anyone who may suffer allergies with conventional makeup
  • People who have unsteady hands who cannot apply make-up through Arthritis, Parkinson disease, multi sclerosis etc
  • Vision impaired people who have difficulty applying make-up
  • Fantastic for professionals who are in the sports industry/athletes, models, entertainers, media figures and actors

How will I look immediately after and will everyone notice?

Immediately after the procedure the treated area for the brows will be quite dark and intense with the detailed Art work within the new brow shape made to suit your face. The Eyeliner will look like it has been perfectly applied and the Lips will be fuller in shape with colour definition. The intensity of the colour for all areas will last approximately 3-7 days. However, exfoliation will take place causing the pigment to fade by 40 - 60% and a lighter colour will emerge over 4 - 6 weeks, by which time your 2nd Re-touch will be due.


  • Consultation and patch test at your discretion 24 hours beforehand
  • You may resume back to normal activity straight after treatment
  • Slight swelling will be gone within 2-3 days
  • Slight flaking over the area during healing
  • 40-60% of the pigment will fade after initial treatment
  • Additional treatment needed after initial procedure 4-6 weeks later
  • End results will be soft natural enhancement

Once the desired area is established, it is suggested that you return to the clinic once a year ( 8-12 months ) or in some cases every 18 months, to keep the look fresh and complete.

Can I have an MIR Scan ( Magnetic Resonance Imaging )?

This procedure shows up as an artefact on the scan. Some clients may experience a tingling sensation, it is recommended that you inform the MRI specialist.

How about facial laser treatments ( Laser Hair Removal )?

Once you've had SPMU it is advised that you avoid laser passing over the treated area, as it may alter the colour. For the future inform the LHR specialist

Can I have future facial injectables?

Please note that when you have Semi-Permanent Make-up, injections such as, Botox, Restylene, Collagen etc. must be done 6 weeks prior or 6 weeks post to the treatment.

Tell me About After care?

You will be given a comprehensive after care guide, along with verbal and written instructions. If you had any futher questions after the treatment, you should telephone Hazel Diamond directly.