About Hazel Diamond

Hazel once worked at the world’s most famous luxurious department store; Harrods Knightsbridge, she was head technician, specialising for ten years in cosmetic medical tattooing, also known as Micro-Pigmentation or Semi-Permanent Makeup. Hazel accomplished her diploma of excellence in cosmetic and medical tattooing via training with Finishing Touches who are widely regarded as the premier cosmetic and medical trainers in the country and around the world. Using the same state-of-the-art machine as the NHS and private hospitals, called the Precision Plus Medical System, which carries a class 2a certification.

Bespoke Skills In Semi-Permanent Makeup

Hazel Diamond loves everything about her trade and finds it highly rewarding to help all customers regain their confidence; with her great passion and extensive bespoke skills in art, she has taken her Artistry to a Revolutionary Level in Semi-Permanent Makeup. Helping to transform the confidence of those that may be unfortunate with alopecia, under going chemo therapy, clients who have little or no eyebrows and eyelashes or for those who simply have a need. Hazel is constantly developing and researching new techniques to ensure that her clients are given the best possible treatment and being such a masterful yet meticulous Artist, every stroke is implanted to perfection.

Elite Clientele From Around The World

Hazel was exceedingly popular among the staff at Harrods as well as elite clientele; the rich and famous from the vast regions of the world including New York, Dubai, Russia, Japan, Canada, Caribbean Islands and most parts of Europe. Having worked within the most reputable and prestigious department store in the world with over 14 million customers visiting each year, many clients would travel from all around the world, including different regions of the UK and Scotland to take advantage of Hazel’s wealth of knowledge about Semi-Permanent Makeup, including colour technique and her highly skilled administration. As director and head technician she has also been sought out for her knowledge on corrective work and medical tattooing for patients who have undergone mastectomies, areola post-breast reconstruction, including scalp camouflage, face and body camouflage or old scar tissue where skin pigment is missing and needs improvement with a medical reconstruction procedure.

Hazel will continue to administer the Harrods high standard of excellence and one-to-one service; with the aim to help transform your confidence with a creative solution.