Hazel Diamond Ltd

Hazel Diamond Ltd from time to time has model opportunities for candidates for the following treatments:

All these mentioned are on an as and when basis for the update of our portfolio and online platforms for business marketing. We are under no obligation to offer opportunities unless we feel it is in our interest to do so.
We have the right to decline applications we do not find suitable with no liability.

Model Requirements include

  • No previous Micropigmentation, or SPMU/PMU on the area to be treated.
  • That the model is happy to have a specified treatment based on what we need for our portfolio, e.g., we may ask for models for natural lash liner/Latino liner, or ombre, or Nano brows or lip neutralisation or Lip blush etc.
  • Ideally have no lip filler but if you do, it must have been carried out at least 6-8 months prior to the modelling procedure.
  • Not pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Must be over the age of 18 and any age above.
  • All skin tones are welcome.
  • All models need to agree to all photos and videos we take of you for the purpose of the treatment agreed to - with full face profile. This enables our business to showcase our work - no exceptions. The only exception for our models is for medical micropigmentation on the body; we will not use your full face if you choose to opt out. Photos are agreed as part of the contractual agreement and it is a breach of contract to change mind once you have signed the forms and paid for your treatment and treatment has already begun or finished.
  • Models who participate for training purposes receive their first treatment at a special discounted rate, including students who are assisted by trainers.
  • All models must respect the agreement and time frame to return for their follow up appointments. The reason we ask for models is so that we get the initial and healed photos from the completed full sessions.
  • All models must follow the pre-care and after-care as provided by their technician.
  • All models must write us a written review and a video review.
  • All models must try to recommend at least one full paying person, to the company; this enables each model session to be subsidised for you. The referral should be done before your next session is due but it is not a problem if a referral is not found within this time frame. But within at least 3 - 6 months' time or soon after.
  • Models are welcome but not obligated, to showcase any photos of themselves or our own photos already on our social media pages by Hazel Diamond/.com to share with your family and friends. We will also create videos of yourself after treatments are complete for you to share as well. It is forbidden to share any photos on to your social media accounts or online that we have not referenced or consented to. Please always check if in doubt. Thank you.

Please note, by referring a friend it helps the business cover costs for your generously discounted model appointment, making it a win-win for everyone!

You can also earn 10% discount per referral. E.g., refer x3 non-model customers, and you get 30% off your next session. If you refer a total of x2 models to us, you receive 10% off your next session.

The top-up session must be booked within 6 -12 weeks, or as agreed. This is for the purpose of healing time and to capture the healed results that we require for the purpose of our portfolio. If you, the model, do not return within the requested time frame, we are not obligated to finish your treatments. The contract states that we require the treatments to be completed in a timely manner so that the results demonstrate our expertise. In the case of you not returning within the instructed window of time, the final results could be affected for our business photos/videos. If this happens, the model is liable for the full price of any future treatments.

We will only offer model fees for the agreed area and for an agreed period. Beyond this, We/Hazel Diamond Ltd/.com, are not obligated. You are welcome to return in the future as a full-paying customer.

Please respect the model agreement and our time and the effort it takes to build our portfolio. Thank you in advance.

All Models must still adhere to our business terms and conditions.

Model Fees

The model fee will be by case by case and quoted and agreed via text, email or verbally per session.

A deposit is required to secure the booking and balance paid 24hrs prior to appointment. We only take payment per session, there's no hidden fees to worry about.

Our business terms and conditions apply to models as per our regular clientele. With regard to late cancellations and no-shows, we have specific terms, if you are unable to attend your appointment, we require 7 days' notice, if you fail to give us that notice, you will forfeit 70% of your deposit as a late notice fee. If you fail to show to your appointment, this then becomes 100% of your deposit being forfeited to cover our costs and materials. Please take the time to look through our terms and conditions here.

We use the same high-end products and EU regulated needles and pigments, as would for a full-paying customer.

When you have a model session with the director it is for the sole purpose of keeping our portfolio up to date and demonstrate our skill on our social media platforms and our website. We require committed models who wish to have a high-end service in exchange for our company, Hazel Diamond Ltd, freely showcasing our work by using your/model photos and videos.

Model Terms

All models are required to be loyal to the business of Hazel Diamond Ltd/.com.

Once you have a model session with us, it is forbidden to showcase the work carried out by us on you for the purpose of another artist's portfolio, social media account or website. If this is found out, we would seek legal action, we would enforce our agreement with regard to our intellectual copyright and require full payment for the treatment. Please read more about our copyright terms and conditions on our website here.

Should you be unhappy about your treatment we advise contacting us directly. Under no circumstances should a model verbalise their negative opinions on social media, online or try to defame Hazel Diamond Ltd/.com. If any of these are breached, section 8.1.2 of our terms and conditions will be enforced and we would look for reparation.

All models must follow the after-care instructions, be patient while the treatment area is developing and trust the process and steps given to follow.

All models have the free choice to become a model of Hazel Diamond Ltd, and only if chosen and accepted by us. There is absolutely no obligation.

Any questions please get in touch at info@hazeldiamond.com we'd love to speak with you.